Israel Vs. Turkey: A Military Power Comparison

Israel Vs. Turkey: A Military Power Comparison

  • June 07, 2021
  • Politics

The fighting between Israel and Palestine makes quite a wave across the entire Middle East and Muslim World. As the tension keeps mounting, the friction between Israel and Turkey might escalate later this decade. With both countries boasting of mighty armies and having the technology to inflict significant damage to the other, the world is taking a stand on who has the upper hand. 

Compared to Israel with 176,500, Turkey has more active military personnel of 685,862. But Israel (445,000) has more reserved personnel compared to Turkey (407,122). According to experts, despite Turkey having 21,079,077 compared to Israel's 1,797,960 personnel available for military use, there are specific weaknesses that plague the Turkish forces.

Despite Turkey having more tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery than Israel, the latter's defense force is believed to be more advanced and with superior capabilities. The arsenal possessed by Israel Defence Force (IDF) can deliver colossal firepower and hence damage to the opponent. 

If there is a clash between Israel and Turkey, the following assessment will have the IDF as a more forceful company than the Turkish military. 




Israel has a good understanding of Turkey's limitations and capabilities since it had upgraded Turkish equipment when the two countries had a good relationship. Apart from this, Israel is a missile power that has impressive offensive and defensive capabilities. Israel's long-range ballistic tactile missile is like a trump card along with their multi-layered air defense system. 

Furthermore, earlier this year, Israel launched a satellite that can cover the Middle East's any point every 24 hours. This, with modern tanks fitted with innovative protection and an advanced satellite program, gives them the edge of the Turkish force. One advantage that Turkey has over Israel is the number of the military it draws from the recruit. Israel being a less populated country, has a relatively smaller recruiting pool and hence personnel compared to Turkey. 


In the number game, Turkey has the upper hand with 1.351 aircraft compared to Israel's 772. But Israel has more fighter aircraft (52), Multirole aircraft (352), and attack aircraft (25) compared to Turkey's fighter aircraft (49),  Multirole aircraft (245), and no attack aircraft. In the sea, too, with numbers, Turkey has the edge over Israel with 145 naval capacity, compared to Israel's 74. Furthermore, Turkey has more Frigates (16), Corvettes (9), and submarines (12) compared to Israel's five submarines, three corvettes, and nil frigates. 


The experts, however, suggest that both countries are likely to include ground maneuvers in their future military friction, if any since they do not share a border. With the conflict being held in the air and sea, the IDF has the edge over the Turkish force, with modern and well-equipped naval forces with technologically advanced submarines and air power can hit a thousand targets a day. Currently, Israel Air Force can generate more daily strikes in operation than any other country.

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