I Enjoy Wax Myself : Kate Hudson

I Enjoy Wax Myself : Kate Hudson

  • May 03, 2020
  • Entertainment

The actress was joined by her 43-year-old brother, Oliver, with whom she hosts a podcast called Sibling Rivalry. To conclude the show, the two participated in a game with Cohen in which fans sent in questions to ask the stars.

The topic of waxing came into the conversation when a fan requested to know whether or not Oliver “still waxes his junk.” Kate burst into laughter before the actor responded, “No, I haven’t done that in a long time, but I do shave and I put a razor on it.”

The Rules of Engagement actor continued, “By the way, it’s not as bad as people may think. You know what I mean?”


Apparently, this isn’t the first time he’s had this conversation with Cohen. In 2018, the actor gushed about his positive experience getting a Brazilian wax. “The benefits of the wax were so great,” he said. “It was nice. Things were happening that were really exciting and fun. You take a pee and it was like, oh yeah, everything looks nice and clean.”

After Oliver revealed that he no longer waxes, Kate jumped into the conversation to proudly admit that she waxes herself instead of spending a pretty penny for an appointment.

“I wax myself,” she revealed. “I can wax myself. I mastered it.”

Cohen followed up by asking if she “enjoys the process.”

“It’s not about enjoying it.” Kate explained. “I just … I enjoy the aftermath of it.”

At-home bikini waxing has been a hot topic of conversation lately. On April 26, Cardi B shocked her 63.4 million Instagram followers by sharing a video of her getting a wax on her Instagram Story.

Unlike Kate’s commitment to DIY waxing, it appears as though Cardi B hired an at-home service. It’s evident that the rapper didn’t exactly enjoy the experience, though. She’s filmed screaming while the waxer attempts to get the job done and it’s unclear whether or not she actually finished.

Whether you’re Team Waxing like Kate (and maybe Cardi B) or Team Shaving like Oliver, quarantine is the perfect time to experiment with new at-home treatments. Just be careful.


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