90 Percent Patients Has Been Died Who Was Placed On Ventilators In New York

90 Percent Patients Has Been Died Who Was Placed On Ventilators In New York

  • April 23, 2020
  • Health

Nearly 90 Per Cent Of All Coronavirus Patients Placed On Ventilators In New York’s Largest Health System Died, According To A Study. 

The Study, Published In The Journal Of The American Medical Association On Wednesday, Examined The Electronic Health Records Of 5,700 Patients Hospitalised With COVID-19 At Northwell Health.

Final Outcomes Were Known For 2,634 Patients, And Overall, Roughly 20 Per Cent Of COVID-19 Patients Died. 

But Of Those Placed On Ventilators, 88 Per Cent Died. For Those Over The Age Of 65, The Mortality Rate After Being Put On A Ventilator Rose To 97 Per Cent.

Approximately 12 Per Cent Of Patients In The Study Needed Ventilators, CNN Reports. 

Figures For The UK Are Similar – More Than Two-Thirds Of Patients Who Need Ventilation In The NHS Succumb To The Disease. 

The New York Study Also Found That 94 Per Cent Of Those Who Were Hospitalized Had Some Sort Of Underlying Health Condition.

It Was Found That 57 Per Cent Had High Blood Pressure, 42 Per Cent Were Obese And 34 Per Cent Had Diabetes.  

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