Vaishali Takkar Suicide: Ex-boyfriend Will Unravel The Truth

Vaishali Takkar Suicide: Ex-boyfriend Will Unravel The Truth

  • October 28, 2022
  • Entertainment

Famous TV show actress Vaishali Takkar has shook the industry with her suicide.

Who was Vaishali Takkar?

Vaishali Takkar is a well known name for Hindi TV serials. She got fame by serial 'Sasural Simar Ka' in which she played the role of Anjali Bhardwaj. Serial became popular and Vashali became a famous face. She was also featured in Super Sisters and also in another serial 'Vish ya Amrit: Sitara. She was born in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh on 15th July 1992. She has recently celebrated her 30th birthday in 2022 with her friends and family.

She has gained fame by the popular TV serial 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' on Colours. It was her debut serial in which her promising performance was noted by everyone and after this she never looked back. Then being 'Vrinda' in 'Yeh Hai Aashiqui' became another landmark of her acting career. She started getting many offers and followers after this. Her career flourished day by day and her acting skills became sharper with every next serial. TV serial 'Raksha Bandhan' proved to be her last serial.


Personal Life - She got engaged in April 2021 with Abhinandan Singh Hundal. The couple was going to get married in June 2021. Fans even gave them a nickname - ''AbhiShali', but suddenly Vaishali canceled her wedding plans and postponed it for an indefinite period. She shared the news with her fans and told them that the reason behind cancellation of marriage is the 'consideration of future plans'. After canceling her wedding she also deleted the photos of the Roka ceremony from her social media account. Later, in an interview she said that the reason behind postponing her marriage was the distressed situation in the country.

Before her marriage, Rahul Navlani was her boyfriend. Rahul and Vaishali later broke up and Rahul got married with Disha. As per the reports, even after getting married, Rahul kept contacting Vaishali and also started harassing with the help of his wife Disha.


She was a good friend of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and had shared her deep grief and emotions connected with the actor after his death. She even posted a long message for Sushant Singh Rajput which started with-

"Noooo…  Noooo… Noooooo… I can't stop crying… tell me it's a nightmare… "


Reason behind suicide

Vaishali has even left a suicide note which has been found by the police aunthorites. In that suicide note, Vaishali has accused her neighbours Rahul Navlani and his wife Disha Navlani for her suicide. She has written in that letter that these two were torturing and harrassing her to the extent that she couldn't survive anymore. Indore police have taken the letter into custody and are investigating the matter. Indore police is searching for these two people who have eloped after the letter was found and spread of suicide news. Police have announced a reward of 5 thousand rupees to the person who helps in arresting Rahul and Disha.


Police Commissioner Harinarayan Chari Mishra has told the media that 3 teams are made and serious search operations are being conducted around the places where this couple is expected to go. He also told that the case for provoking Vaishali for suicide has been registered against the Navlani couple. Police are searching at many places but Rahul and Disha were successful in escaping till now. But now, the mystery is ready to be disclosed soon.


Latest report

As per the latest reports, main accused Rahul Navlani has been arrested on Wednesday evening and his wife is yet to be found. Rahul was arrested from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. This is a big success for the Police as after the arrest of Rahul, Disha cannot escape for much longer now.

Vaishali's brother Neeraj has also accused Rahul and Disha for intimidating and torturing her sister. Her brother told the media that his ex-boyfriend was claiming that he would not let her live happily and get married.


For now, policemen are conducting the search and investigation intensely as the case has become quite interesting with one accused in police custody now. Indore Police will now try to know the motive of the accused behind maltreatment to Vaishali. The means and ways by which she was being tortured for a long time and to an extent that forced her to take up her own life. Neighbors say that Rahul was threatening Vaishali because of her private pictures. He blackmailed her that he would leak her pictures on the internet. Rahul and Disha were together blackmailing and harassing Vaishali for 2 years.


In her suicide note Disha has written clearly - "Please get Rahul and Disha punished, or else my soul will not get peace. You have my oath. I love you the most; I'm sorry."

This clearly depicts the kind of scourge she was getting from this couple.

Now, the clear reason will be unraveling soon as Rahul is under police custody now.

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