Humanity Has Hit A New Low: Fake Vaccination Drives Conducted Around Cities Like Kolkata And Mumbai

Humanity Has Hit A New Low: Fake Vaccination Drives Conducted Around Cities Like Kolkata And Mumbai

  • June 29, 2021
  • Health

Humanity hit a new low when reports of fake vaccination drives being conducted in posh areas of Metropolitan cities began to crop up. In fact, things got worse when the first to detect the fake Covid Vaccination Drive in Kolkata was Trinamool Congress MP from Jadavpur in Kolkata, Mimi Chakroborty. Things took a huge turn when Chakraborty fell ill four days after she was tricked into taking the fake jab.

Although it is too early to link her illness to fake vaccination, all eyes are on her as a lot of people besides Mimi had taken the vaccination from these fake camps. A lot of students and professors from City College and residents of the nearby Kasba area were tricked into getting vaccinated at these fake camps by a man posing as the Joint Commissioner of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Who did it?

Reportedly a man named Debanjan Deb has been conducting fake vaccination camps around the city of Kolkata and has supposedly vaccinated at least over 1500 people. The 28-year-old accused, Debanjan, has been impersonating as the Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation. He also has been impersonating as an IAS officer for many years now; it came out in the reports later.

Further reports informed that the man had successfully opened a legit current bank account under the name of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. He was able to do so successfully after faking the signatures of officials from the Corporation. Two other MPs and MLAs filed a complaint against Debanjan after his pictures with them went viral on social media.

The police raided his house further into the investigation and found out fake labels of Covid-19 vaccination, Covishield, and some Kolkata Municipal Corporation banners. Mimi Chakroborty was the first one to notice that something was wrong after she did not receive any messages from the government regarding vaccination on her phone.

What Started it?

Before Debanjan Deb, another round of fake vaccination drives was conducted in the country in Mumbai. Things came into light when two weeks ago, in Mumbai’s Kandivali, a housing society registered a complaint against a fake vaccination camp that was conducted in their society.

After further investigations, 10 people were arrested by the Mumbai Police under the fake vaccination scam, two of whom were doctors from private hospitals. After the Mumbai police further probed into the matter, it was found that the same syndicate held 8 other such fake vaccination camps.

One of the residents from the societies that were scammed came upfront and said it was doubtful if it was actually the Covid-19 vaccine, Covishield in the vial, or just glucose or wasted/expired vaccine. Police, later on, confirmed that empty vials were sourced from hospitals, but they were unsure of what the vials contained.

In a time where it has been more than a year into the pandemic, and people have been suffering from infections, hospital bills, loss of lives, and unemployment, it is shocking to see some people are looting people in the name of fake vaccines and hope. Times are dire, and we wish to see better times really soon when all scams and the pandemic will be a thing of the past, and we will be able to see humanity win over all of the scams.