Sonali Phogat's Death Mystery: 46 Injuries On Her Body Raise Suspicion

Sonali Phogat's Death Mystery: 46 Injuries On Her Body Raise Suspicion

  • September 05, 2022
  • Politics

Everything seemed natural after the death of famous Tik Tok star in India, Sonali Phogat. Fans started mourning her death since the news of her death from heart attack circulated in the news on 23rd August. The Big Boss 14 participant Sonali Phogat was on shoot on 23rd August in Goa. The 42-year old actress started her politician career with BJP from Haryana. Her death news spread like fire in the jungle and shocked her fans and followers. She was staying in Curlies' restaurant in Anjuna during the shoot. She felt uneasy and was admitted to St Anthony hospital in Goa where she was declared 'dead' due to cardiac arrest very soon. Politicians and actors everyone hurried up to express their lamentation on her sudden death.

Story flipped over when the autopsy report came on 25th August confirmed "blunt injuries" on her body which caused suspension of her murder. Her brother Rinku Dhaka lodged an FIR in Goa. Goa police arrested Sukhwinder Singh and Sudhir Sangwan as accused, they both were personal assistants of Sonali Phogat. Her brother has also said that she was being blackmailed and before a few hours of her death she seemed disturbed because of her assistants. The Phogat family has accused her personal assistants as her murders. Her brother informed that her laptop and other essentials are missing after her death and this all raises suspicions of a 'foul play'.

Who is Sonali Phogat?

The Haryana born versatile personality Sonali Phogat started her career in Hisar Doordarshan in Haryana. She was married to Sanjay Phogat who died near their farmhouse in Haryana. She also has a daughter. Sonali joined politics and handled Mahila Morcha of BJP as vice-president. She later did acting with Ravi Kishan and Jimmy Shergill in movies of Haryana. She was seen on OTT platform when she performed in the web series named 'The story of Badmashgarh'. She participated in 2019 elections by contesting from Adampur seat but was defeated.

Controversies' queen Sonali Phogat

Beating officer with Chappal - In June 2020, the BJP leader Sonali Phogat went to inspect the farmer Market in her area. She reached officer Sultan Singh and handed over the list of farmers' complaints. The officer allegedly called Sonali 'dramebaaz' to Sonali. It raged Sonali and she started hitting that officer with a 'chappal', the video went viral on social media.

Sonali booked her own sister - Previous year, BJP leader Sonali Phogat filed a complaint in Fatehabad against her own sister and brother-in-law. In the complaint she told that she was being assaulted and threatened by her sister and brother-in-law.

After her death her family has also accused her personal assistants of rape and murder.

What are the speculations?

So far the police investigation has suspected a drug 'methamphetamine' as the possible cause of her death. Investigating team has speculated that she was given this drug in a glass of water. As this is a crystal clear looking drug, it easily mixes with water without leaving a trail. It affects the central nervous system of the person which can cause death. This drug is used in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and narcolepsy. This is the reason police investigation is searching for involvement of some medical faculty in the case. This drug increases dopamine in our body which causes happy feelings. That's why drug addicts use this very often. After consuming this drug, the patient feels low appetite, difficulty in breathing, increasing heartbeat and Sonali might have felt uneasy because of this drug. This drug is only used for scientific and medical purposes. As per the data of 2017, out of total deaths from drug overdose, 15% were because of methamphetamine. Now the drug suppliers are on the radar of the investigation team which might reveal new things in this case.

How far the investigation has reached?

After the death, no external injuries were found in her body but the autopsy report has revealed force injuries which has raised a lot of questions. The report claimed total 46 injury marks on the body of Sonali Phogat which has forced the investigation team to search thoroughly from an angle of murder.

Now the murder Mistry is taking new turns everyday. Police are searching for her bank accounts and properties to find the clue to lead the case in the right direction. Sonali Phogat owned the property of 110 crores, so there might be multiple angles of this case.

There is also information that Sudheer Sangwan wanted to lease the property of Sonali but the deal was not finalized due to some issues. Police suspect this might be a murde due to property or may be a personal revenge was the reason which led to the death of the BJP leader. Political enemies are also in the list who might get a call from the investigation team very soon.

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