Kangana Ranaut: An Epic Story Of Survivor Or Real Opportunist At Any Cost

Kangana Ranaut: An Epic Story Of Survivor Or Real Opportunist At Any Cost

  • September 13, 2020
  • Entertainment

Kangana Ranaut a Bollywood actress who always talk about Bollywood nepotism and harassment within the film industry. Let’s take a look of her journey in Bollywood.

She belongs from a small town of Himachal Pradesh. She came to Delhi at age of sixteen and joined the Elite Modelling Agency but later she started a career in acting. She joined a theater the Asmita Theatre Group. After seeing the positive response from the audiences, she located herself to Mumbai. Initially, she had very struggling career but fashion movie gives her a great career hike. She won best supporting actress national award for this movie.

After this she involve in so many controversies. She had relation with Aaditya Pancholi, Adhyayan Suman and Hrithik Roshan but Hrithik Roshan never accepted that he had any kind of relationship with her. Her all relationship end up with very sour note. On camera, she had confessed that she was a drug addict.

Aditya Pancholi wife Zarina Wahab confirmed this during an interview with pinkvilla an entrtainment portal. Adhyaan Suman also confirmed interview with pinkvilla.

Zarina tells pinkvilla, “I was just going through some stories on my mobile and I read Kangana has said ‘She (Zarina) used to treat her (Kangana) like a daughter…” This is completely untrue! When I knew she was dating my husband how can I say she’s like my daughter? That is ridiculous! Usually, I don’t react to such things but these two things have been really upsetting! I was very upset when I read it! She was dating my husband (Aditya) for four-and-a-half-years so how can I say that she’s like my daughter? Impossible! On national television, she’s going on saying that she’s (Kangana) is like my daughter (Sana)… What nonsense is Kangana talking about?”   

Kangana also said she came to Zarina for help and she refused to give it. “Yeh toh sawaal hi nahi hota hai yaar! (There is no question of this happening) Agar meri husband ko date kar rahi hai, toh mere paas kaise aayegi? (If she is dating my husband how can she come to me? Bolnewali ko bhi akkal honi chahiye! (People who talk like this should have some brains). I met Kangana a few times because my husband wanted me to take her to meet Sanjay Leela Bhansali so I took her there. First of all, I never discuss my problems with my own sisters so who is she (Kangana) to me that I will go and discuss with her that if he’s not coming home I will be happy. What nonsense is she talking about? I should not say anything about her. These things are really bugging me! Mein itni bhi bewakoof nahi hoon (I am not that stupid) to treat her like my daughter! Mein kya aankhon mein patti daal ke duniya ghoomti hoon mein? Am I going around blindfolded, oblivious to the goings-on in the world? I know what happened but I don’t react to that and that’s a different thing. Sabka life deal karne ke liye alag tareeka hota hai, mera bhi alag hai (Everybody has a different way of dealing with life and my way is different from others). I read this on Google alert and I reacted. Otherwise, I am the last person to react.”

Adhyayan had said in an interview to a daily that Kangana was physically abusive towards him, “The intensity of the slap was so hard I was almost crying. That was the first time she got violent.” He added that during another instance also she became violent. “She slapped me hard, again. I was just zapped! I was crying like a kid… and then the entire rant and MC/BC gaalis began.”


From that day till today she always look for her revenge whenever she get a chance. She started all type of hype that Bollywood is not a good industry. Bollywood is only for star kids and star kids can survive here which is not true. Only talented people can survive here. And she is perfect example for that.

Recently in SSR death case she started to involve all people for nepotism and try to derail the investigation for her own agenda. She has started the gain from Sushant Singh Rajput death. Without any proof she started  her own agenda that involves Mahesh Bhatt , Alia Bhatt , Karan Johar , Salman Khan, Taapsee Pannu and many more. She just wants revenge at any cost. Bollywood industry which has given so much now that Bollywood is not enough for her. She made a ridiculous comment on Sawara Bhaskar, Taapsee Pannu and Ranbir Kapoor. She tried to do all thing to divert SSR death case. But final Sushant Singh Rajput family cam forward and file an FIR on her girlfriend and her family. Family also told that Kangana had nothing to do with this. She has her own agenda.

Kanagan Ranaut who shows herself as proud Kshatriya  started a campaign against a Reservation system which is given by the constitution of India. She just wants to be in news at any cost. She is the perfect example of an opportunist.

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