Expert Reviews On Upcoming IPOs Which Include AGS Transact, One Mobikwik Systems Limited And LIC

  • January 17, 2022
  • Business & Economy

AGS Transact IPO

AGS Transact is a payment solution company. This firm is known for providing POS (Point of Sale) machines. The company is mainly known for facilitating payment services. The company also operates in neighboring countries as Sri Lanka, Cambodia and more. The company has created network of 221066 merchant POS, 72000 ATMs and CRMs. It has spread network in 2200 cities and towns through 446000 machines as per August 2021.

let's look at the financials of the company-


August 2021

March 2021

March 2020

Sum of assets

29170.33 million Rs

29138.32 million Rs

22413.95 million Rs

Sum of Revenue

7623.04 million Rs

17971.52 million Rs

19335.26 million Rs

Profit after tax

-181.05 million Rs

547.92 million Rs

830.14 million Rs


Why to invest in AGS Transact?

AGS Transact has a wide portfolio and a trust among its customers. It has adept technical experts who provide in-house solutions. They provide customized services which are appreciated professionally. It has decided to launch an IPO to earn profits through the stock market.

The key promoters of the company are Ravi Goyal and Vinesha Enterprises Ltd.

Important Dates to remember-

IPO is opening on 19th January 2022 and closing on 21st January 2022. IPO will be listed on 1st February 2022. Each share will have a face value of ?10 per equity share and will range from ?166 to ?175 per equity share. The value of issuing shares will be aggregating up to 680 Cr Rs.

Experts’ advice- Experts are of the opinion that a payment solution company with a neat and clean image has a potential to grow. There is not much hype about the company, so its shares are expected to get a low yield rate as per trends.


One Mobikwik Systems Limited IPO

The well-known payment services provider company Mobikwik is launching its IPO. It was incorporated in 2009. It is a Fintech company which gives Buy Now Pay Later (BPNL) services to its customers. It has a strong customer base of 101.37 million users. It is often used as a payment app also.

Why to invest in Mobikwik

It has a versatile technical team that solves the technical issues very fast. It is a well-recognized brand that has innovative ideas. It is launching its IPO to meet the growth and introduction of new technologies in the company. It is a fast-growing online company. It is expected to perform very well in the stock market.

Let’s have a look at the financials of the company-


March 2021

March 2020

March 2019

Sum of Assets

4231.39 million Rs

3379.36 million Rs

3350.84 million Rs

Sum of Revenue

3022.56 million Rs

3698.54 million Rs

1602.32 million Rs

Profit after tax

1113 million Rs

999.20 million Rs

1479.73 million Rs


The company is managed by - Bipin Preet Singh, Upasana Rup Krishan Taku, Koshur Family Trust and Narinder Singh Family Trust etc.

Important dates to remember- Although the company has not announced its date to launch IPO in the share market. Experts are expecting it very soon in the upcoming months.

Experts’ advice – the company majorly works for consumer payments and payment gateway which is a leading Fintech company in India. Experts are assuming it to perform very well in the stock market. There's been a huge demand for its shares for a long period of time.


LIC is going to launch its IPO 

One of the most trusted insurance companies, LIC is ready to launch its IPO in the market. The Indian government owns 100% of shares of LIC. All the funds of LIC possess sovereign guarantee of Government of India as provided under Section 37 of the LIC of India Act, 1956. LIC was established on 1 September 1956.  It is an Indian statutory insurance and investment corporation. It has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Why should you invest in it?

It has a wide network across India with 13.53 lakh individual agents working with it. It is a well-known brand. It has a range of products -insurance plan, pension plan, unit linked plan, micro insurance plan, withdrawn plan and health plan that makes it suitable for each and everyone.

Date of launch of LIC’s IPO- This IPO is going to make loud noise as it is India's biggest ever IPO. The government is planning to collect ?90,000 crore by selling its share. As per the latest reports, IPO will be launching in mid-march. LIC is planning to draft its prospectus by the end of January.

Revenue and Profits-

LIC has booked a record of Rs. 37000 crore profit share sales in 2020-21. It is going very well. The company has expanded itself during the difficult time of COVID-19.

Experts’ advice- As the name and fame of LIC, experts are expecting it to be a profitable option for investors. Its shares are already making profits and people are eagerly waiting to invest in it. So, there is going to be a high demand for the IPO of LIC.



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