Who Is Wrong And Who Is Right In Aryan Khan’s Case?

Who Is Wrong And Who Is Right In Aryan Khan’s Case?

  • October 28, 2021
  • Entertainment

What is the case?

Story begins on a cruise liner which people can hire for parties. A Delhi based event management company had hired it and may be they sold the tickets and membership to people who were getting on board. Aryan Khan, 23 year old son of Shahrukh Khan, was also present at the party. NCB raided and recovered 13 grams of cocaine, 5 grams of MD, 21 grams of charas and 22 pills of MDMA. This was the headline on day 1. After that, NCB filed a case and bail was denied to Aryan Khan. There is another person who was friend of Aryan Khan named Abbas Merchant from whom NCB has recovered contraband 6 grams of hash. So, Aryan Khan was suspected to buy or consume that drug from his friend, or may be Aryan Khan knows from where the drug is supplied, or he has consumed it in the past, so he is on remand now.

After that, story is taking new forms every day.


Why is Sameer Vankhede in the news?

The NCB officer Sameer Vankhede, who leaded this raid, became a star. He is one of those officers who cannot stay away from the headline. Last year, he was in news due to the Rhea Chakraborty drug involvement case. Before that, he was posted in the Customs at airport and was catching a lot of film stars and celebrities apparently bringing in items for which they had not paid custom duties. He was also in service tax department where he charged 2500 people for service tax evasion that included more than 200 celebrities; he approximately recovered 100 Cr Rupees which was being evaded. So, he has a huge reputation in both personal and professional life. He is married to a Marathi film star; he is a high profile person.


What is the latest twist? 

Prabhakar Sail who works as a bouncer was the key witness of NCB. A “bouncer” provides personal protection to people who demand it. He has claimed to have seen these guys carrying drugs and they were caught in his presence.  Also, Prabhakar Sail was protecting K P Gosavi. Gosavi is a man from Pune who already has a pending case of cheating under section 420 of IPC against him. He is apparently hiding from that case. This man was the NCB’s chosen witness whom NCB had taken to this raid. To look important, he took Prabhakar as his personal bodyguard.


Now Prabhakar Sail, the key witness of NCB, has come in front of media alleging that the whole thing was a fake story and he was made to sign on a blank piece of paper. Also he said that KP Gosavi was talking to a man Sam D’souza that he will collect 25 crore from a person and will have to give 8 crore to Sameer Vankhede to settle the matter. Now, may be Shahrukh Khan’s team has given money to Prabhakar to say so because he is the key witness of NCB.

But Prabhakar Sail also gave a video to media in which his boss KP Gosavi made a call to someone and asked Aryan Khan to talk to that person where Aryan was not very eager to talk.

Now the important question is how a person who is not even from investigating agency can talk to an accused in the custody for drug case? How can anybody get access to meet the accused person and take selfie with him? How can someone offer a phone to an accused of a serious drug charge which can lead to a 10 year jail term? Why Sameer Vankhede didn’t raise any objection to it?

NCB has said in the court that Prabhakar was our witness but now he has turned hostile.

Prabhakar also said that after the raid he was asked to collect something from a particular place at 9:45 in the morning. A lady came from Mercedes, she was Shahrukh Khan’s secretary and she handed over a bag to him which contained 50 lakhs of rupees in cash. After that, KP Gosavi has disappeared. So now Maharashtra government is saying that it is investigating this allegation.


Is it ‘Centre’ vs ‘State’ now?

Now, Maharashtra government has come in favor of SRK. And the reason is Nawab Malik, a senior NCP leader. Few months back, his son-in-law was jailed for several months in case of a drug charge and this case was filed by Sameer Vankhede. Nawab Malik said that he opposed Sameer in Rhea Chakraborty case, so Sameer Vankhede trapped and arrested his son-in-law in drug case.

Now, Nawab Malik has produced the birth certificate of Sameer Vankhede where his name was Sameer Dawood Vankhede. His father was a Hindu and mother was Muslim. He later dropped the middle name “Dawood”. He became IRS in 2008 by SC quota. And SC quota is not available to Muslim. So, Nawab Malik is saying that he hid the fact that he is Muslim to be selected in UPSC. Although Sameer’s wife has said that we both practice Hinduism.


Overall, now people are calling it waste of time and waste of resources of NCB for such small amount of drugs. NCB should target big suppliers rather than making a fuss over such trivial cases.


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