Russia-Ukraine Issue And Poland Missile Crisis Become Key Issues At G20

Russia-Ukraine Issue And Poland Missile Crisis Become Key Issues At G20

  • November 26, 2022
  • Politics

A lot has been happening in the global scenario since the war between Russia and Ukraine. India made its mark in the G20 summit organized in Bali by pointing out all the problems that needed immediate response at the world stage.

This year, Indonesia has hosted the 17th meeting of G20 on 15th and 16th November 2022. Gathering of powerful global leaders drew the attention of the world. US' president Biden, German Chancellor Scholz, French President Macron and also the newly elected UK PM Rishi Sunak marked their attendance along with Indian PM Modi. But PM Modi also addressed the Indian diaspora in Indonesia and tried creating a soft link of culture between people of two nations.


What is G20?

G20 is a group of 20 powerful developed nations along with developing economies. Members of this group are - US, European Union, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, China, France, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, France and India. It has no permanent secretariat but meets every year to discuss global issues and make strategies for the betterment of the world.


Agenda of G20

The G20 summit of 2022 began with global agendas of geopolitical importance. One of them being 'global health architecture' which is a new focus for the world as the health sector had become the weak point of nations during the pandemic. Digital Transformation became the second key issue for which global cooperation is needed. Sustainable energy transition will be another focus area for upcoming months as the shift from polluting energy sources to sustainable development is the need of the hour.


 Russia's criticism on the top -

G20 declared that most of the nations in G20 condemn Russia for its aggression in Ukraine.

Although Russian President Putin didn't take part in G20, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Laveov attended the summit on behalf of President Putin. But he was not present during the entire summit. He went back early to his country with a remark that Ukraine is not ready to negotiate.


Biden and Jinping bilateral meeting

US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart met in the meeting and agreed that the nuclear threat should not loom over Ukraine. Also, both of them agreed that nuclear war should not be fought. However, the issue of Taiwan is the deadlock between the two on which they both are of different perspectives. As per Chinese sources, China forbade the US to talk about Taiwan.


Missile issues raises the tensions

A Russian missile was launched from Ukraine to Poland on 16th November. It killed two people in Poland. Now, the country is scared of war being extended to Poland also. However, US President Joe Biden claimed that this doesn't seem like an intentional fire from Russia. It could be a misfire. It is still not clear who launched the missile. But if this Missile was from Russia that too deliberately, it's definitely alarming news. It means the war is going to escalate further.


India's power evidently visible in the summit

The Internet was loaded with 3 pictures that were drawing the world's attention to India. First being the greeting between US President Joe Biden and PM Modi, both the leaders were seated side by side in the summit. Also, Joe Biden himself came to greet PM Modi. In the second picture, he cordially met French President Emmanuel Macron and later also did a bilateral meeting with him. The third picture was of Rishi Sunak and PM Modi where the mission of taking India to the global world was being acknowledged. These pictures are once again the proof of India's increasing clout in geopolitics.


India's bold statements in G20

India didn't hesitate to address any controversial issue of the current geopolitical scenario. India called for peace in the Ukraine. India showed its concerns about the outcomes of pandemic as well as emphasized the needs of India being an energy secured economy. The shortage of fertilizers which has created a turmoil in future agricultural requirements was also presented as an issue.

PM Modi said in the summit that these issues have created havoc, while the global supply chains are still disrupted. The PM said - "multilateral institutions like the UN have been completely ineffective". He also called for an urgent need to settle the issue in Ukraine through diplomacy and demanded a ceasefire as soon as possible. He said that - "After the second World War, the leaders of that time made serious efforts to follow the path of peace, it's our turn now to do the same. Now the onus is on us, we need concerned and collective efforts to ensure the peace, harmony and security in the world. I am sure when the G20 meets next year in the holy land of Buddha and Gandhi, we will agree to give a strong message of peace to the world".

PM Modi also narrated how India took care of the hunger of 1.3 billion people in this tough time of pandemic.

This message was also significant as the 'Global Hunger Index' had placed India at 107th in 2022 and the Modi government had claimed that it was an effort to taint the image of India in the world.


G20 in India in 2023

India is going to host the G20 summit next year. PM Modi took the presidency of G20 from Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo. He took a small hammer as a symbol of presidency from the Indonesian President. India's logo for 2023 has already been unveiled by PM Modi as a 'lotus' in the 'O'. This lotus has saffron, white and green color with 7 petals, it symbolizes the 7 continents being united. The logo is also - 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' which means we all are one. 'One Earth, One Family, One Future'. This presidency is going to scale up India's image at the global stage.

PM Modi thanked for letting India host the presidency next year. He said that the G20 will work as a prime mover to initiate new ideas, empower collective efforts. He said that - G20 has to be ambitious, decisive and excellent in our approach. He also emphasized the sustainable use of natural resources and work towards peace and security in the world. He also said the "women laid development" is going to be important in future.


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