Love Story To Brew Up In Big Boss 16 And Salman Khan To Play The Key Role

Love Story To Brew Up In Big Boss 16 And Salman Khan To Play The Key Role

  • November 16, 2022
  • Entertainment

Umar slashes biased behavior of Big Boss

Big Boss 16 has created a buzz amongst the fans once again. This season has continued to be one of the most entertaining seasons of Big Boss. Season 16 is highly dramatic as all the participants are entertaining in their daily life too. A proper proportion of romance and drama have been the top ingredients of this recipe of Big Boss show. Earlier, fans witnessed the elimination of Archana Gautam. She had shown her aggressive behavior as her true colors lately which became the reason for her exit from the show. In her resentment, Archana had gripped the neck of Shiv Thakre. This violence act became the reason for her egress from the house of Big Boss, diminishing her chances of winning the show. Even Salman Khan himself rebuked Shiv Thakre and blamed Thakre's provoking behavior behind the spoiled mood and aggressive reaction of Archana. But her exit was announced as the final decision, so she had to go.

But now she has re-entered the show in the 'weekend ka vaar' episode. Of course, as expected, some contestants including Umar Riaz are irked by her entry. Others are happy to see her back in the house. Umar Riaz is not a contestant in this show, he participated in previous season and was eliminated for the same reason of being aggressive and indulging in an ugly skirmish with Simba Nagpal. He tweeted his disappointment on 14th November, 1:56 pm. He complained that no action was taken when Simba threw him in the pool. After that his fight incident happened and he had to leave. He blamed the biased attitude of Big Boss show rules.


Love story to brew up in Big Boss and Salman Khan to play the key role

 In the whole drama of 'Shanivar ka vaar', everybody saw tears in the eyes of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary after getting slammed by Salman Khan. Salman reprimanded her to not disturb Ankit Gupta anymore to let him focus on his own way of playing the game. Now, as per the sources, Salman's heart has melted for the couple and he wants to talk to both of them about this. Ankit has been of the opinion that Priyanka is a controlling freak. This opinion is commonly prevalent in the Big Boss house in the mind of other members too. Now, Salman Khan has made the mood to make the vith realize their love for each other. So, in the upcoming weeks, fans might see some romantic moments between the two because Salman's success rate as love guru and Jodi maker has been 100%. Pair of Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth is the proof.

Ankit Gupta is one of the most favorite contestants of the audience. His outlook of being simple and calm has been adored by the fans very much. The parody act didn't go well with Ankit Gupta. Fans wanted this act to be ridiculous for him and even criticized Priyanka Chahar Choudhary for not supporting her friend when he needed to. Fans even trended on twitter the 'stop defaming Ankit' for him. So, now seeing his love story brewin up with Priyanka with support of Salman would be a relief for fans for which they will be eagerly waiting for.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary recently was trolled when she said that 'doing balidaan is in her nature'. She was referring to the fact that she has always been pure -hearted when it comes to Ankit. Fans started asking her what kind of sacrifice has she done till date for Ankit.


Blast on 'Chugli Gang' in Big Boss

In the turbulent episode of 'open and shut' case of provocation. Salman Khan slammed many members including Nimrit, Shiv Thakre, Tina, Shalin and MC Stan also. Salman also scolded the Chugli gang for dragging the matters here and there. Nimrit was also mocked by viewers as even after being a lawyer, she couldn't tell what the open and shut case usually is. Twitter saw a mixed reaction over this matter.


Is Shiv Thakre playing dirty games on Big Boss?

Big Boss is never out of fiery remarks in its every season. Gori Nagori who has been evicted from the show after spending a month there. In an interview, she talked about her experience. She said that she felt a bit lonely there and wanted to go out and travel. Being bereaved from her family for so long was also a saddening experience for her. She enjoyed it after making friends there but later her friends also turned out bad for her. In the interview, she also talked about other contestants and said that Sajid Khan should've learnt to wash his clothes himself before coming to the house of Big Boss. She also added that Shiv Thakre was playing well in the beginning but his side flipped and he had started playing the dirty games in the show.


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