Abdu Rozik Is Set To Leave The Show - Bigg Boss 16

Abdu Rozik Is Set To Leave The Show - Bigg Boss 16

  • December 26, 2022
  • Entertainment

Amongst all the shocking ups and downs the most favorite foreign candidate of fans, Abdu Rozik is set to leave the show.

Big Boss, season-16 has been full of rollercoaster rides this time. A lot of tremendous events have created the buzz among the viewers. Amongst all the shocking ups and downs the most favorite foreign candidate of fans, Abdu Rozik is set to leave the show. Promos of that episode of the show have gone viral where tears can be seen in the eyes of other contestants for farewell of Abdu Rozik. This 19 year old has been adored by fans in this season but as the promo has indicated, he might be leaving the show soon.

But dear fans! Please don't be sad as he has not been eliminated permanently. As per the secret sources of the show, he will be leaving because of some health issues and if he recovers in time, he will be the part of the show again. His back pain has hurt him a lot which has made his temporary exit necessary for his health. There are also reports of a prank with him which also could be the reason for his sudden exit.

But now, as per the trusted sources, the Tajikistan rapper has received a life-changing opportunity to do a project. So, Abdu Rozik is now going to work on that project and he might return if the project gets finished in time. This is the first time a big boss contestant is getting to leave temporarily to work on a project. Whatever the reason might be, Fans will be eagerly waiting for his comeback in this season.


M C Stan, Sreejita Day and Soundarya Sharma will be the three captains this week.

Big Boss has never failed to impress people with its tricky moves. The way this season has been going has maintained the proper spice in the show. Now, as per the latest trend, 3 captains were recruited for the previous week breaking the trend of one captain per week. In this week also, 3 captains will be reigning the house of Big Boss. The names of all three captains have also been floating in the news. As per reports, M C Stan, Sreejita Day and Soundarya Sharma will be the three captains this week. Fans of MC Stan have been demanding the captaincy for Stan since a long time and this week will be giving him a fair chance in the show.


Stan's fans gets infuriated at Nimrit and call her 'snake' & 'tatti'

Bigg Boss is again witnessing taunts and comments in this season. Season 16 has also seen a flare up of negative comments by fans. In the upcoming episodes,fans will be witnessing the discussion about captaincy in the show. After the exit of Abdu Rozik, everyone is battling to get the captain seat to evade nominations in the week. As per the promos, everyone was taking names of the captain for the week. Sajid Khan and also Shiv will support M C Stan for captainship. But Nimrit Singh Ahluwalia doesn't agree with them. She tags him 'unsuitable' for the post. This outraged the fans of M C Stan. Fans started trolling her right after the release of the promo. One of the Twitter users commented that - 'Nimmo aunty is the worst Contestant ever'. He also wrote 'Nimrit = Snake'. And also 'Nimrit=tatti'

Fans were longing to see Stan as the captain and now any hurdle in that path is unbearable for the fans. Nimrit Ahluwalia is mostly criticized in the show for being rude to other contestants and being melodramatic at times.


Sumbul gets irritated and claps angrily to mark her presence

Bigg Boss is always the most controversial show on TV. This season has also not disappointed its viewers. The Imlie starrer Sumbul Touqeer has been continuously giving interesting stories to the viewers and maintained the high rating of the show. She has been one of the most controversial participants of the show. Her activities have made the audience remember Shefali Bagga from season 13 who did the same in that season by banging the plate with a spoon to wake everyone up in the night. In this season, Sumbul has more or less done the same thing. During the daytime, Tina Touqeer was sleeping. Sumbul picked up a thali and beat it with a very loud noise. She continued doing that unless Tina Datta asked her to stop disturbing everyone. The tussle between Sumbul Touqeer and Tina Datta was seen in the last episode as well when Tina claimed that Sumbul remains invisible most of the time on the show. It irked Sumbul Touqeer and she clapped to mark her presence. Now Twitter has been full of comments in favor of Tina and also in favor of Sumbul. Fans of both the TV stars are giving their points in favor of their favorite stars. Sumbul Touqeer and Tina Datta are the biggest rivals in the show. The love triangle including Shalin Bhanot had imprinted a negative impact on their relationship.




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