GOQii Has Launched GOQii Vital 2.0 That Detects Body Temperature

GOQii Has Launched GOQii Vital 2.0 That Detects Body Temperature

  • May 14, 2020
  • Space & Technology

GOQii has launched GOQii Vital 2.0 that detects body temperature.

Technology is playing a vital role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. It allows us to stay connected with our loved ones and even work from home seamlessly despite the lockdown. One of the biggest examples of technology helping in this time of crisis is the contact tracing Aarogya Setu App that uses Bluetooth and location data to alert users when they come in close contact with an infected person.

A new tech has now arrived in town and it’s from GOQii, a smart-tech-enabled integrated preventive healthcare platform. The company today announced a new technology in a wrist band that can detect whether you have fever or not.

GOQii launched the world’s first smart wrist band with sensors to detect body temperature, one of the early symptoms of COVID-19 infection — Vital 3.0. The temperature range is 77°F to 113 °F with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 °F. Notably, GOQii Vital 3.0 is only a screening device and not a medical device and it is recommended that it be used for screening purposes only.

Most smart bands available today can detect heart rate, steps, sleep and more but none can track the body temperature. With a minimalistic design, the newly announced GOQII Vital 3.0 — looks exactly like the GOQii Vital 2 smart band — can track body temperature though out the day. The band can also detect blood pressure, blood glucose, HbA1 level. Users will be able to see the data on the GOQii app.

Vishal Gondal Founder and CEO GOQII confirmed during a webinar that the band will soon able to detect ECG similar to Apple Watch. The option for ECG will come in the next few updates.

Vital 3.0 is capable of recording body temperature with just a skin touch. Gondal said that currently, the wrist band will be available for enterprises and frontline workers mainly. He also confirmed that very few units of GOQii Vital 3.0 will be available for individuals. Interested consumers can purchase the band from the GOQii app at a price of Rs 3,999. It will be soon available on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Gondal said that the company has already 1000 units of Vital 3.0 to the Mumbai Police.

For the Vital 3.0, GOQii has partnered with Germany based Thryve, a health tech startup, to conduct a clinical study in India for detecting COVID-19 infections earlier than testing. The detection of the infection will be based on data collected by the Vital 3.0. Gondal highlighted “We are fully compliant with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and data privacy very seriously.”

For the newly launched Vital 3.0 GOQii is evaluating manufacturing options in India, Gondal said. The company is looking forward to work with both public and private organizations in the country. “We have already contacted the US Army and sent the details of GOQii Vital 3 and are also talking to other countries such as the US, Japan and more,” he added.

GOQii further discussed exploring opportunities to partner with telemedicine platforms in order to deliver a holistic experience to the users. In the webinar, Gondal discussed an opportunity to collaborate with the AarogyaSetu Mitr platform. He said the collaboration will help doctors provide better guidance to patients as they will have their health records to access better.

The band offers a coloured display, auto sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, multi exercise modem built-in USB, up to 7 days battery life, 12 months GOQii pay subscription and 3 months of health coach subscription.

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