Kangana Ranaut : The Queen Of Controversies

Kangana Ranaut : The Queen Of Controversies

  • December 27, 2021
  • Entertainment

Kangana Ranaut is called the “the queen of controversies in bollywood”. From time to time, there are a lot of comments over which she has created controversies. Her twitter account has also been suspended for life. Let us go through some of her comments that stirred up objections.


Comment on Independence- Her latest one was the comment on “Azaadi”. After receiving Padma Shri, in a news channel function, Kagna gave the statement that- “ ab tak shareer me khoon to beh raha tha, par vo Hindustani khoon nahi tha… jo azaadi  Bharat ko mili thi, vo bheekh mein mili azaadi thi, asli azaadi 2014 mein mili hai”

(blood was flowing in the body indeed, but that was not Indian blood.. India got freedom by begging for it, we got real independence in 2014)

This statement by a national award winner actress invited negative remarks from all over India. People rebuked and asked her to return Padma Shrti after this stupid remark.

But Kagna didn’t apologize; instead she challenged that if someone proves that she has disrespected martyrs, she will return her Padma Shri award.


Kangana vs Sanjay Raut- Not much water has flown under the bridge, when she was head locked with Maharashtra government. After the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangna Ranaut was among the people who believe that it was a murder. She tweeted – “Why is Mumbai feeling like Pak occupied Kashmir ''?  

Shiv sena leader Sanjay Raut jumped into the fight by using some harsh words like “haramkhor ladki” and advising Kangana to not return to Mumbai.

Over which Kangana replied him in the same tone in her tweet –“In 2008, Movie Mafia declared me a Psycho, in 2016 they called me a Witch and Stalker, in 2020 Maharashtra Minister publicly gave me the title of Haramkhor Ladki, because I said after a murder that I feel unsafe in Mumbai”.

Later BMC trashed her office in Mumbai. She compared her office with the Ram Temple of Ayodhya and compared BMC with Babur and said that “this temple will be built again, Jai Shri Ram”. People also supported her during the whole incident. She was given Y-plus security after this. She also targeted Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray in her tweet- “My home was demolished today, your ego will be destroyed tomorrow”


Comment after Farm Laws repealed -  On the day when PM Modi announced repeal of Farm laws, Kangana said- “agar sansad me chuni hui sarkar ke badle sadkon par logon ne kanoon banana shuru kar diya, to ye ek jihadi rashtra hai” ( if people on road started making the laws rather than the elected government, then it will be called a jihadi nation)

She further added - “jab desh ki antaratma gehri neend mein ho, to latth he upaay hai aur tanaaashaahi hi ek maatra sankalp” ( when the conscience of a nation is in deep slumber, stick is the only solution and dictatorship is the only choice). People condemned her for criticizing the farmers.


Comment on Mahatma Gandhi - She ridiculed Mahatma Gandhi by saying – ek aur gaal aage karne se aapko bheekh milti hai azaadi nahi” ( if you put forward your cheek, you will get the money from begging, not the independence)


Kangana keeps striking the controversy, earlier during the oxygen crisis during COVID, she advised people to plant more trees to get oxygen.


Twitter account suspended for lifetime - Twitter has suspended her account after her tweet about the violence with party members in West Bengal. Kangana had tweeted - “This is horrible.. we need super gundai to kill gundai...she is like an unpleasant monster, to tame her Modi ji please show your Virat roop from early 2000s”

This comment raised objections again. Later Twitter suspended her account. She is the second major celebrity after US president Donald Trump whose account has been suspended by twitter. Twitter clarified later that it comes under the ‘hateful conduct policy’ and ‘abusive behavior policy’. Because Kangana Ranaut has given the statement that can be harmful for peace and security, that’s why twitter has suspended her account.

In return, Kangana replied – “white person feels entitled to enslave a brown person”


Farmers’ protest – During the Farm Laws’ protests, actress Kangana Ranaut shared a post alleging that an old woman who was protesting in Shaheen Bagh is also present in Farmers’ protest. She is available to protest anywhere at 100 Rs.

Later Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh clarified that both old women are different. He tweeted that “Banda Ena V Ni Anna Hona Chaida.. Kush v Boli Turi jandi aa..” (She (Kangana) should not be so blind that she can say anything”

Kangna reprimanded back and also titled Diljit Dosanjh as “Karan Johar ke paltu” ( pet of Karan Johar).


She is the harbinger of discussion on nepotism which gathered a lot of attention from the film industry.

    Kangana never cares about the controversies. She keeps saying everything she wants to say. Her lists of controversies truly make her the ‘queen of controversies’.


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