Legendary Footballer 'Pele' Leaves The World: Facts That Made Him 'Athlete Of The Century'

Legendary Footballer 'Pele' Leaves The World: Facts That Made Him 'Athlete Of The Century'

  • January 02, 2023
  • Sports

The legendary football player of his time Edson Arantes do Nascimento aka 'Pele' has left the world on Thursday, 29th December 2022. He has been fighting the battle with colon cancer since 2021. Colon cancer is a fatal variety of cancer which develops in the large intestine. The 82 year old footballer was declared dead by doctors of a hospital situated in Sao Paulo.

His daughter Kely Nascimento wrote an emotional post on Instagram which translates as- we thank you for everything we have today. We love you to infinity. Rest in peace. Not only his daughter but also celebrities across the globe are paying tribute to the legendary player.


Astonishing career of the 'King'

The 'black pearl' Pelé established a successful career in football was born on October 23rd, 1940. He started playing at the age of 15 and scored 4 goals in debut match on 7th September 1956.

His marvelous skills in football helped the Brazilian football team in winning 3 world cups. Brazil won world cups in 1958, 1962 and in 1970 when Pelé was playing in the team. If we see the records of the national team of Brazil, he is the topmost goal scorer of all-time with 77 goals in 92 goals. He announced retirement from the famous football club of Brazil 'Santos' in the year 1974. The football fans were disappointed that the magic of King Pelé would not be seen on the ground anymore but he made a comeback with the 'New York Cosmos'. His skilled game of football was again enjoyed by football lovers. Later he also joined the North American Soccer League. Pelé has never failed to surprise his fans with his game. Whenever he used to come to the ground to play, the audience called him 'king' with love and fervor. You can understand his importance by following facts-

  • In 1969, November 19, Pelé scored the 1000th goal of his career. At this moment people overwhelmingly ran into the ground, then the game resumed after half an hour. This day is celebrated as 'Pele Day' in Brazil.
  • A ceasefire for 48 hours was implemented in Nigeria during the war in 1967, so that the fighting troops could watch Pelé's match.

Pelé has recorded a magnificent career which will inspire youth for decades. He holds the badge of scoring more than 1280 goals. His astounding career makes him an icon of the 20th century. Due to his flabbergasted game, the IOC(International Olympic Committee) called him the - 'Athlete of the century'. He will also be remembered as 'Football player of the century', a title given by FIFA. The Brazilian government honored him by calling 'national treasure'. His titles and nicknames are proof of the affection of people for him and his game. In 1999, Pelé's name was included in the list of '100 most important people' of the 20th century, prepared by Time. Next year in 2000, people voted for him in the contest of 'World player of the century' by IFFHS(International Federation of Football History and Statistics). He achieved mastery in football which honored him with many awards from time to time. Pelé got the award of 'FIFA Ballon d'Or Prix d'Honneur'.

The unpredictable and unprecedented game of football in which any player can start at any moment, Pelé created his own space. His skilled and incredible game increased his fan following not only in Brazil but also in the whole world. During his time, Brazil became the most difficult team in football to compete. His techniques are relevant and appreciable even in today's games.

Glimpse of greatness 

His proficient style of playing football, assisting team players in an adroit manner makes him a legendary player. The 1970 World Cup gives a glimpse of his visionary techniques and skillful strategy. The 1970 World Cup was the first such World Cup which was broadcasted in color.  This new experience came along with the happiness of winning the World Cup in Brazil. From dribble, to pass and each and every goal in a well versed manner astonished the audience. Everyone cheered for Pelé. In a match of this league, 7 outfield Brazilian players kept passing the ball. The ball then reached captain Alberto which was quickly passed by Pelé and the world witnessed a precisely maneuvered goal. This is the identity of a legend that he didn't try kicking the ball into the goal himself but passed it to Alberto without thinking about his personal goal score. This sportsmanship and this kind of emotion of being a team player is something that makes him different from others. Not only his talent but also his personal behavior is the reason why the world is mourning his death so hard.


A huge loss for football -

Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi who grabbed the FIFA Cup 2022 with his team also posted 3 emotional pictures with Pele and wrote the caption in French which translated -"rest in peace". Similarly Harry Kane, Mbappe, Neymar and many more expressed their sentiments on social media. Portuguese star Christiano Ronaldo wrote a whole paragraph of heartfelt condolences to the 'King' and expressed gratitude for Pele's inspiring journey for all. Even US President Joe Biden posted a picture and wrote an emotional message to pay homage to the king Pele. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also extended their condolences to the all time favorite footballer of the world.

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