300 Days Of Russian Invasion And War Crimes

300 Days Of Russian Invasion And War Crimes

  • January 08, 2023
  • Politics

It's been over 300 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. This war is taking more time than expected. As per the latest reports, Ukraine has started re-gaining its territories which were previously occupied by Russia. If the war continues like this, it will complete in February 2023. Russian President Putin's action which was initiated with the motive of 'special military operation' seems to have lost its pace. Russia had taken over the area near Zaporizhia power plant in the south of Ukraine, also reached near Kyiv and had occupied the Chernobyl plant, but now the scenario has changed. Now, with the help of western nations and the USA, Ukraine has been able to counter Russia and regain much of its territories. Currently, Russia is occupying a small bordering area of Ukraine which connects Russia to Crimea. Now the experts are pointing out that Russia will end the war like this by ending up taking over the areas of Luhansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson. These all regions make the eastern border of Ukraine and also give a passage to connect to Crimea.

Military Assistance to Ukraine

The Russian Army is one of the most well equipped armies in the world. Russia is one the greatest defense suppliers to the world but it has been struggling in the war because Ukraine has received some efficient arms and ammunition.

Australia's radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, armored personnel carriers and also humanitarian aids including millions of dollars from time to time. Azerbaijan and Belgium have sent bombs,anti-tank weapons and heavy mortars. Canada's infantry mobility vehicles, towed howitzers and infrared turrets, Croatian lethal military equipment, Czech Republic's 150+ tanks, heavy mortars and many more things. Denmark, France and Germany are heavily supplying military assistance to Ukraine. From helmet, bulletproof vest to anti-ship missiles, air defense systems, Ukraine has it all now. USA has been the biggest player in the war so far, with its stinger systems, javelin missiles, Mi-17 helicopters, patrol boats, radars with aerial tracking system, shotguns, machine guns, Laser-Guided rockets, tactical drones, HIMARS(High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems), surface to surface missiles, more than 1000 RAAM(Remote Anti-Armor Mine) and many more lethal weapons have been provided by USA. Recently, USA has sent its famous MIM-104 Patriot missile system which is a surface to air system to Ukraine.

Even economically weak Pakistan has sent 122mm HE-D30 artillery. China and India have sent humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. India has sent 230 tonnes of medical assistance for Ukraine.

Companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, SpaceX, Uber have provided different kinds of reliefs to the citizens of Ukraine whose lives have been spoiled due to the war.

FTX donated $25 equivalent FTX crypto currency to all the citizens of Ukraine.

Increased influence of NATO

Because of the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, more countries are willing to join NATO to evade Russian aggression. As per the reports, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Finland, Sweden and Ukraine are the aspiring countries to get the membership of NATO.


China's fear increases

As Russia has invaded Ukraine, destroyed it and the world is helping it with a back door, it has alarmed the people of Taiwan. They are in fear that China might do the same with Taiwan. This fear has forced Japan to strengthen its army with a huge military budget this year. Overall, Russia's aggression on Ukraine has raised concerns in Southeast Asia about Chinese aggression in the same manner.


Price Cap by Western powers

In the recent reports, G7 nations including Australia approved a plan of imposing price cap on Russian oils. It has decided to put the cap of $60/barrel on seaborne crude exported by Russia to knee down its crippling economy. If Russia forbids it, it will not get insurance for its freight which comes to Asia via the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea which is bordered by European nations. India has plans to develop a route from Chennai to Vladivostok to get exports from Russia via the 5647 nautical miles route of Bay of Bengal and South China Sea, but the completion of the project will take time.

Current crude prices are varying near $80/barrel in the global market. It will not have much impact on Russia until the prices keep at this level, Russia is itself offering its oil at discounted rate to many nations including China and India. This discounted price is benefiting India. India has purchased 1.7 million barrels/day which is a considerable increase from previous months. Russia has become the top most oil supplier for India in October and November 2022.


Global impact of Russia-Ukraine War

The world is already living in fear of the comeback of COVID-19 in a deadlier form, this war is adding fuel to fire. As per the report of the World Bank, almost 20% of people are living in poverty and hunger in Ukraine in 2022 and upcoming days of war will only worsen the situation. Food and oil prices are increasingly impacting the poor. Ukraine and Russia both together supply 30% of wheat to the world, the prices of food items have surged due to this war. So, a global price surge is the most evident effect of this war. Developed nations are engaged in assisting Ukraine rather than focusing on their own economies and preparing to stop Coronavirus.

India on the other hand is walking on tightrope by following its approach of 'all-alignment'. India is trying to keep everybody happy. India is reaping the benefit of discounted oil by Russia. India has also urged that 'today's era not of war' at the G20. India has also sent humanitarian help to Ukraine. If the war ends soon, it will be a relief for India.

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