Anveshi Jain A Small Town Girl With Big Dreams

Anveshi Jain is known for delivering adult content in some films and web series. Anveshi was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh's Khajuraho on 25th June, 1991. The town which holds prestige for ancient sculptures especially the erotic ones which is said to be based on the book Kamasutra by Vatsyaayan in ancient India. This town hailed an ambitious young girl who propelled herself towards the adult films.


After giving her 12th board examination, she was worried about choosing the right career for her. Later, she took admission in an engineering college with a stream of Electronics. During her college, she planned to give time to her hobby of product designing along with MBA. She started studying MBA and also initiated her own venture in Indore. Everything was going well but a constant desire to do something different which satisfies her or suits her actually was missing. She decided to stop this all. She stopped her MBA in between and also her venture of product designing. She started taking chances in hosting programmes in Indore. Initially, she thought being a host of programmes was her passion but this also didn't motivate her enough. She left everything for almost half a year to think what she wants and here she realized her dream of being an actress.


Path of dreams is never easy….

With just thousand rupees in her purse, she traveled to the luxurious city of Mumani which either gives you wings to fly or crush your dreams forever. She took a small flat in Mumbai through an acquaintance where she faced and managed difficulties in the line of completing her dream. Going to Andheri daily for auditions became her routine. She somehow managed to grab the roles of host in Mumbai at various events and this was a big step in boosting her confidence. After waiting patiently for sometime, she got an offer to debut in cinema through OTT platform with ALT Balaji's web series Gandi Baat. Making debut by chance with ALT Balaji production, became a milestone of her acting career.  That series was with bold contents, by choosing one episode with the series, Anveshi Jain overnight became a star.


After this, she also appeared in other contents like BOSS:Baap of special services, G the film, and ALT Balaji's Who's your daddy, which contained adult contents. She has been specifically casted in adult films for now in which her performance has been appreciated.


Although she has not secured a significant place in Bollywood, her dedication towards her work is yet to qualify for films. The dream which brought Anveshi to Mumbai is still incomplete. Currently, she is working as a love guru, giving advice to people about their love and marriage, she also has become a motivational speaker for her fans and followers. She has also taken a 3-year training in singing and likes classical music a lot. She is of the opinion that one should not leave or give up on dreams just because people don't believe the person. That's why she keeps doing everything that makes her happy and satisfied. Her family is not happy with not doing anything definite and living a life like hippy but this fact doesn't bother much as she knows that in the path of following your dream, there are a lot of hurdles which you have to cross.


Being fit is crucial in adult films

She starts her day with honey water mixed with lemon. She also feels that being dehydrated is very important for a glowing skin which is very important for an actress. For lunch, she prefers the boiled vegetables. She likes eating pancakes and also the Japanese dish Sushi. Sushi is a famous dish in which rice with vinegar  rice is the main ingredient along with some vegetables or seafood as per varieties and tastes. Salad and boiled vegetables together make her usual favorite dinner.

Tragic memory of love

In an interview, she revealed an experience of her love life and an unfortunate incident. On Feb 14th, when people were enjoying Valentine's day with their loved ones, a man who had been tracking her for a long time and Anveshi had rejected her proposal burned her house. She was in a lot of mental stress as her house was burned along with her stuff. Till that point of time, she had no close friends in Mumbai to seek help for. She felt very helpless and demotivated at that time. She received threats to not file a case and bury the hatchet. She did the same and this incident really left her devastated.

These days she has been working on a Tamil project which will be revealed soon. She is trying to get a good break in Bollywood to show her talent. She doesn't complain about situations and feels gratitude that she handled herself and flourished through her difficult circumstances. She is very popular on social media as people keep searching for her photos. She keeps posting her latest glamorous pictures for her fans.


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