Georgia Is The Only Country That Largely Avoided COVID-19 Pandemic But How

  • July 11, 2020
  • Health

Georgia is the only country that largely avoided COVID-19 Pandemic but how.

Georgia has been one of the most successful countries in fighting COVID, with a population of 3.7 million, it has only 1000 cases and 15 deaths. It recently reopened its borders and ended lockdown, which it at first pursued agressively. Here is a recent BBC article about it.

The article mentions the fact that the Georgian church, which is Orthodox, is very powerful and was able to refuse to close churches or even stop using common spoons for communion, and then mentions in passing that most people followed advice of authorities and stayed home on Easter. What the BBC doesn’t mention, because it is hostile to Christianity, is that faithful Christians continued coming to church throughout the lockdown, sharing communion, singing, and ignoring social distancing.

Here is another article about the standoff between the church and the unsuccessful efforts to lock it down.

A nation that is faithful to God and its fatherland will be miraculously blessed by God, His Eminence Metropolitan Daniel of Chiatura and Sachkhere of the Georgian Orthodox Church said during his Sunday sermon at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.


A miracle was seen in Georgia, where there was no eruption of the coronavirus epidemic despite the fact that the churches were never closed, as in many other countries, Met. Daniel emphasized, reports


“The Georgian ethos is one of the first,” Met. Daniel said. “Someone may ask how it survived. It survived for two reasons: it was dedicated to the fatherland and to God. He who is devoted to God and to his fatherland will not be abandoned by God and will often be saved by great mercy.”

“We have seen an example of this mercy today,” the Metropolitan continued. “How this country, in spite of many problems, turned out to be much more protected than larger states, and this happened because our people spared no expense, and the people who fight to the end for the country, for love, for morality, will see a miracle of God.”

Georgian priests drive around Tbilisi on March 17 in an effort to protect the city against the coronavirus outbreak. (photo: Facebook, Georgian Patriarchate)

“We have seen the miracle that happened in Georgia,” he emphasized.

“This was that the spread of the conditions of the epidemic was as limited as possible, and despite that Church services never ceased, the epidemic did not break out in Georgia,” Met. Daniel said.


“God will perform a miracle for a nation that is faithful to God and the fatherland. Georgia had such dedicated patriots and that is why it has survived,” the hierarch preached.

“Life without Christ is death, and death with Christ is life. This belief has saved us from this epidemic,” he said.

In March, the Georgian Patriarchate stated that the closing of churches is an “unjustified offense against God.”

Earlier that month, His Holiness Patriarch-Catholicos Ilia revealed that he had been granted a spiritual vision, which he understood to mean that “with the help of prayer and the blessing of the Lord, we will be able to overcome this disease.”

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